Strand: Living Things

Topic: Trees

This is a series of lessons on 'Trees' taught over a period of time.


To emphasise the season of autumn; To capture the child's imagination with the colourful display of the trees; To enhance the knowledge they already have on the theme.

Brainstorm a web of what is already known; Refine the plan by selecting the areas which have the greatest potential for learning; Decide on activities which the class will undertake; Display material on a Science Table

Materials Needed
Class Textbook: 2nd Class 'Look Around' Seasons
Task Worksheet for Nature Walk
Containers/ bags to collect twigs, leaves, nuts and fruit
Laptop, Data Projector and Disk 'Mad About Science - Life' DK
1,000 Questions & Answers Resource Book for Quiz



The topic was introduced through the following lessons:

(1)Brainstorm a Web on the board on the knowledge pupils have to date
(2) Investigate through the use of charts recognition of trees, leaves, nuts & fruits
Nature Walk to collect materials - Teamwork; Display materials; Record - Pictorially and Written; Label all on the Nature Table



The topic was further developed through these lessons:

(1) Measure Tree Trunks - Record; Check age of Tree from a log - Record; Recording of Nuts & Fruits; Tree Survey of School Gardens

(2) Laptop and software (Mad About Science -Life - Disc 2) was used to introduce the following new information:

Best conditions for growth
Uses of Trees
Needs for growth
Methods of regeneration
Visual display of experiments
Questions on material

(3) Multiple choice questions from '1,000 Questions & Answers Resource Book' to reinforce topic.

(4) Experiments in class - planting bulbs.


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Recording Life Cycle of a Tree; Repeat Laptop for reinforcement; Quiz on Trees; Design a Tree, Display for the classroom.


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