Strand: Materials

Lesson: Water


To further develop the children's knowledge of water through the use of information technology

Objectives: To learn about the substances that dissolve in water and experiment with these themselves; To observe floating and sinking, and put this into practice; To use the Digital Camera to record the children's work.

Materials Needed

1. Laptop
2. Projector
3. White Screen
4. Software - Mad About Science - Disc 3 Matter DK
5. Speakers and extension lead
6. Digital Camera
7. Paper/ Pencils
Basin and Water
9. Floating and sinking objects
10.. Salt, Sugar, Jar, Spoon



Ask the children what is water? Answers may include 'Water is a liquid - You can pour water - We drink water - We use water to wash ourselves'. Through discussion (whole class and pairs) the children will begin to realise the importance of water.



Laptop and data projector are set up. Children settle themselves comfortably in front of the screen. They listen to the topic information related by the characters on screen. These are
(1) Floating and Sinking and (2) Dissolving. Then they answer quiz questions.

Testing: On screen each substance is tested by clicking on it and placing it in a jar of water; a spoon is used to stir each substance into the water. Children watch carefully to see if they are dissolved or not.

Floating and Sinking: The children click on objects on the screen and place them in a basin of water They predict to see if the items float or sink.

A quiz follows each game which the children will play together.


Experiments are set up where children can get first hand experience in (1) floating and sinking (2) dissolving. They test items to see if they float or sink and take note of the results. They also put salt and sugar into jars, stir, watch and record the results.

Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Pictures of these experiments will be taken using the Digital Camera. Children will write up their own opinions about the Laptop and what they learnt during the lesson.


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