Strand: Living Things:

Lesson: Plant Life


To use the technology to teach the children about Science - Plants

Objectives: That the children will learn about and understand:
(1) what plants need to grow
(2) food chains and food webs
(3) habitats

Materials Needed

Data Projector
Software - Mad about Science - Disc 2 (Life)



General introduction - discussion and questioning to elicit what the children already know about the subject.


Using the equipment the CD is inserted and three numbered topics from the
CD Rom: Mad About Science (Disc 2 Life) are chosen from the Section Plant life (3 must be chosen).

Section 21: A World of Plants
Section 22: The Parts of a Plant
Section 23: What a plant needs

We work through the 3 topics allowing the children to offer their answers to the questions set. Time allowed for further explanation/discussion/clarification on various items.

Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Reflection back on what was learned from the experience and pupils opinions sought on use of technology. Written comments from the children.

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