Strand: Living Things

Lesson: Brain, Muscles and Skeleton



To teach how the brain, muscles and skeleton work together to make us move.
Materials Needed
Data projector
CD Rom Mad About Science 2 Life - DK
Environmental studies copies
Four answer sheets per group for the table quiz


1. Ask each child to move one of their arms and to feel it in different places as it moves.
2. Ask the children to tell you what they think is moving i.e. bones, muscles.


1. Set up Mad About Science 2, click on Humans
2. Click on - Your brain, muscles and skeleton.
3. Before you read the passage, click on the words written in red (the children will be shown a definition of each word Skeleton Muscles Nervous System.)
4. The children write the definitions in their copies
5. Read the full passage - out loud/ to themselves.
6. Play the game - 3 machines of your body.

Conclusion - ACTIVITY

Table Quiz, click on Quiz below!

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