Strand:Energy and Forces

Lesson: Light


1. To enable the pupils to use the I.T. equipment i.e. projector and laptop.
2. To reinforce visually the lesson and experiments already done on the topic light.
3. To discuss and evaluate our findings in order to ascertain if the exercise was worthwhile.
4. That the pupils can name the scientist who discovered that white light is a mixture of colours
5. That the pupils can name the instrument used by Newton to make his discovery i.e. prism
6. That pupils know that raindrops in a rainbow act as a prism and splits light up into colours
7. That they know that the colours that make up white light are known as the spectrum.
8. That the pupils can name the primary and secondary colours of light.
9. That the pupils can understand the concepts, transparent, translucent and opaque.
10. That they can understand how shadows are formed.
11. That the pupils have an idea of how light travels, i.e. in straight lines, Why does light appear to bend?
12. That pupils knew that mirrors reflect an image as light bounces off the mirrors coating.
13. That the pupils understand that we see things because light reflects or bounces off objects into our eyes and our lens then form an image.

Materials Needed

Laptop and Data Projector
C.D. Rom: Science Explorer II



- Revision of vocabulary and terms associated with topic, eg - translucent, transparent and opaque.
Experiment using various types of materials such as wood, fabric, glass as well as paper to determine which was translucent, transparent and opaque.
Record results on a bar chart to demonstrate.


'The Eye' - to demonstrate the concept that we see things because, light reflects off them into our eyes. Use C.D. Rom: Science Explorer II, go to catalogue and then go to light. Reinforce with Quiz.

Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

ART CLASS- Spectrums, mirror images, mirror code.

EXPERIMENTS - Does light bend - jar of water and straws

TABLE OF INTEREST - Display of materials demonstrating concepts, transparent, translucent and opaque.

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