Strand:Energy and Forces

Lesson: Magnetic Poles


The children will be able to :
1. List materials that are attracted by a magnet
2. Show that opposite poles attract and the same poles repel each other
3. Order magnets according to strength
4. List materials through which magnetism can pass
5. Make their own magnets.

Materials Needed
Textbook: Look Around 6th Class - Folens Young Scientist -Chapter on magnetic power
Blackboard Magnets
Two horse shoe magnets (one large and one small)
Two bar magnets
Selection of small square magnets


List Experiments on Blackboard

Experiment 1: Which materials are attracted by a magnet
(Look Around Textbook P39 and
Young Scientist P40)

Experiment 2: Attracting and Repelling
(Textbook Look Around P40 )

Experiment 3: Testing for the strength of Magnets
Textbook Look Around P40 )

Experiment: 4 List materials through which magnetism can pass
(Young Scientist P6 )

Experiment 5: Make your own magnet
( Look Around P41)


Organise children in groups of four.
Each group selects an experiment from the list above.
Then each group appoints a reader (reads out the experiments) and a pupil who will write a simple report to which the others will contribute.
Each experiment is carried out and then rotated around the groups.

Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Class discussion on results of experiments
Writing up experiments in Science copies
Type up experiments in computer room
Look up the internet for experiments on Magnets (Scoil Net)


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