Strand:Energy and Forces

Lesson: Magnets 1


The children will be able to:

1. Recount a Greek Legend about the discovery of magnets
2. Say how magnets were used by the Chinese sailors
3. List modern day uses of magnets
4. Supply information on magnets which they will have gained from looking at
CD Rom - 'Eye Witness Encyclopaedia of Science, 2.0.'

Materials Needed
CD - Eyewitness Encyclopaedia of Science 2.0
Laptop, Screen and Projector
Textbook: Look Around 6th Class - Folens
Young Scientist - chapter on Magnetic Power


-A brainstorming session, where the children will discuss what they understand about magnets.
-Use Look Around Textbook 6th Class p37 - Legends - Magnets in the Past.
-Refer to Young Scientist - p6 Magnets all Around. It shows modern day uses of magnets.

(a) CD - Eye witness Encyclopaedia of Science, 2.0 (using the Laptop and Screen).

Introduction to CD - Eye Witness Encyclopaedia of Science 2.0.
-Write the following points on the blackboard to direct the children's attention to information to be found on the CD.


(a) What is / are:

(i) Magnetism
(ii) Magnet
(iii) The North Pole / South Pole of a Magnet
(iv) Domains (within a magnet)
(v) A Magnetic Field

(b) The Earth's Magnetism

What do you know about:
(i) The Earth's Magnetic North Pole and South Pole
(ii) The Northern Lights


Use software CD - Eyewitness Encyclopaedia of Science 2.0 (Magnets)

(b) General discussion on points on the blackboard - information recalled by the children.


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Closure Questioning Session
(a) Children ask questions of each other
(b) Teacher questions
(c) Labeled drawings of uses of magnets.


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