Strand:Energy and Forces

Lesson: Magnets 2


The children will be able to:
1. Explain what is meant by Magnetism.
2. Define a magnet
3. Explain what is meant by the North and South Poles of a magnet
4. Explain how a magnet is made
5. Define a magnetic field
6. Say where the earth's magnetic North and South Poles lie
7. Explain the Northern Lights phenomenon.

Materials Needed

Resources Young Scientist - Chapter - Magnetic Power
CD Eyewitness Encyclopaedia of Science 2.0 (magnets)
Laptop, Screen and Projector
Textbook: Look Around 6th Class - Folens



Recap on following information remembered from 'Magnets Lesson 1' using the CD 'Eye Witness Encyclopaedia of Science 2.0'.

i) Magnetism (ii) Magnet (iii) The North Pole / South Pole of a Magnet (iv) Domains (within a magnet) (v) A Magnetic Field (b) The Earth's Magnetism

(i) The Earth's Magnetic North Pole and South Pole (ii) The Northern Lights


Information from book - Young Scientist - Chapter on Magnetic Power

i) What is magnetism P6 and P7
ii) Magnets and Materials P8
iii) What shape is a magnet P9
iv) North and South Poles P9 and P10.

This is developed further using Textbook 'Look Around' P40.

v) The Earth's Magnetic Field
a) Where are the magnetic poles P18
b) The Northern Lights P19
vi) What is inside a magnet P20 and P21
Show CD - 'Eyewitness Encyclopaedia of Science 2.0 (Magnets)' again.


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Children write up information on magnets in their science copies.


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