StStrand: Living Things

Topic: Parts of the Plant


1. To increase the children's interest and knowledge of plants.

Children will be able to name the main parts of a plant e.g. root, stem, leaves and flower.
Children will be able to list the functions of the parts of the plant.
Children will be able to explain what is meant by phototropism.

Materials Needed
Laptop and Projector Mad about Science - Life DK
Textbook: 'Look Around' Fifth class
Chart paper


Revise the parts of the plant (p23 Look around) Children name the different types of roots - give examples of a tap root system and a fibrous root system.

Laptop and Projector set up. Now we will move on and use the Mad About Science CD to look:

(22) functions of the different parts of the plant
(23)What a plant needs to grow?
(24) Where plants grow best?
(27) Where new plants come from?


Children take it in turns to read out the information and to control the mouse.

Games 22: Parts of a plant.
Child labels the different parts of the plant. Next we look at the function of the different parts of a plant. (P 23-24 Look Around can be used to compare functions). Functions can be listed on the blackboard.

Game 23: What a plant needs to grow?
Children can click on different options e.g. light, water, light and water, and the affect of each is displayed on the screen.

Game 24: Where plants grow best? Check how plants progress in the following environments - a) Garden, b) desert, and c) polar region

Game 27: Making new plants. Seeds made in the flower. Pollination and Fertilization. How seeds grow. The affect of angled light - Phototropism.

Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Children work in groups.
Draw pictures to show the different types of roots and give examples of each (label the pictures)
Draw and label a diagram showing the main parts of a plant.
Charts listing the functions of the various parts of a plant.
Draw a series of pictures to illustrate phototropism.


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