Strand: Living Things

Lesson: Plants Have a Transport System


1. To encourage the children to investigate the functions of the various parts of the plant.

Materials Needed
Digital Camera
Water Jars
Red Food Colouring



Revise the work done in Lesson One:

1. The four main parts of a plant

2. The function of each

3. Flowers produce seeds-structure of a seed


Having looked at the function of the flower in the last lesson we will now continue to look at the function of the roots and stem in this lesson.


The children are asked to consider how water travels from the roots to the leaves in a plant.

The children are asked to reflect on how blood travels through the body.

Are there special pathways like veins in a plant?

Break a celery stalk in half-children observe string-like structures or veins

Think of a way to test if water travels up these veins


Place a celery stalk in a jar of coloured water (red food colouring used)

Examine the celery stalk after an hour-the dye has begun to travel up the stalk

The following day the children observe that the red colour can be seen all the way up the stalks and has reached the leaves (now a reddish/pinkish colour).

Children are given names for these vessels-xylem vessels carry water and mineral salts up the plant to the stem and roots.

Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Children will record their observations and findings from the experiment

Children will draw diagrams to illustrate the findings

Digital camera used to take photos of the experiment on the celery

Pictures will be downloaded and printed to use in our class project on plants

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