Our School
We have approximately 570 pupils and twenty four full time staff in school. We began work on our SIP project in September 1999 and continued throughout this school year to June 2001. Our project exposed us to a wealth of IT teaching and learning experiences. It has been an exciting and challenging time for all of us!

Project Outline
Our aim was to use a range of IT tools in facilitating the teaching and learning of primary science. Primarily, we used a mobile unit consisting of a laptop, data projector, and appropriate software which could be set up in any classroom whenever required. Two digital cameras and a scanner were also used to support our classroom teaching and learning of science.


Our Site
Our site consists of three main sections. These are (1) Our Project, (2) Software and (3) Evaluation.

Our Project
Our Project identifies: four class groupings, the curricular framework for Primary Science and corresponding lesson plans for teaching science at each level. You can select a lesson plan from a list of titles and view some attached images of classroom work.

Clicking on Software outlines the list of the CD titles which we found useful in the teaching and learning of primary science. Selecting any one title from the list shows information on the contents of that particular CD.

Clicking on Evaluation guides the reader to a summary of our project evaluation. This information was collected throughout the project from our teachers and pupils. It attempts to synthesise guidelines and advice which might be helpful to other schools and teachers interested in using technology in a similar way.