Lesson: Making Bread


1.To make children aware of where bread comes from.
2. To instil and give children a deeper knowledge of how things are made.

Materials Needed
Wheat flour
Baking Tray


In this lesson I begin by showing the children how we get flour (on a small scale). Crushing, shaking, sieving husks (rough) - flour (smooth, soft). Talk about different textures. Making bread working in groups of 4 children. Add milk to the flour and mix to get dough. Talk about differences taking place, when liquid is added. Add flour and place on the table and knead.


Put dough into the tin - five loaves of bread (5 Groups) are placed in a preheated oven. (Cooked at home - oven at school not working.) Following this we cut up the bread. We add butter and jam (Blackberry Jam - discuss) and the children eat it. Use of digital camera to photograph different stages. Wheat - flour - dough - bread.


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

This was a very successful and enjoyable lesson. The children surprised to see flour inside wheat. I think some of them hadn't observed baking before. It was interesting in that a large percentage of the children assumed bread just happened and were amazed at the effort involved in making bread.

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