Strand: Environmental Awareness and Care

Topic: Litter Awareness


Aim: To raise awareness among the children of the amount and variety of litter in their immediate environment.

Objective: To investigate the materials which have been thrown away in a school day.

Materials Needed



Through discussion children identify litter in various locations inside and outside school building i.e. classroom, yard, grass verges and driveway.

Classroom: children identify littered areas e.g. around the bin; inside the bin; litter stuck to bottom; lunch litter not allowed. Chewing gum stuck under desks.

Yard - natural litter: leaves collecting and rotting in bicycle shed area. Grass areas: coke tins and crisp bags stuck in shrubs.


Individual children photograph littered areas using digital camera. Groups fill out questionnaire on litter in the school.


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Children draw pictures of what the school environs would be like without any litter.

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