Strand:Living Things

Lesson: Planting Broad Beans


Aim: 1. To create an awareness, in the children, of growing plants from seed. 2. To compare the difference between the cress seeds and the broad bean seeds.

Materials Neededaterials Needed

Broad Beans
Plant Pots - the ones that were used to plant bulbs in October
CD Smudge the Scientist - Storm Educational Software
Data Projector




I will give each child one broad bean and they can look closely at it before they plant the bean. Which are bigger? Are they the same colour? Will it take them longer to grow than the cress seeds? Why do you think so?



The children will come to the table individually and place their bean into the compost in their pot. When all of the class have completed this task a discussion will follow.

Questions: What will happen to the beans now? What do the beans need to help them to grow? Where will we put the beans to help them to grow?

We will use the laptop and projector to reinforce this lesson using CD Rom "Smudge the Scientist" section on Living Things. This section allows children to plant and observe the development and growth of a seed. They can water the plant and give it sun by clicking on the icons on the screen. If they give it too much sun or water the plant will die. Children then can observe the best conditions for a plant to grow.


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

The class will record the growth of the beans pictorially and observe their plants daily.

Comment: Once again this was a most successful lesson as the children like to be actively involved and have hands on experience. They are eagerly awaiting their plants to grow into beanstalks for Jack to climb!

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