Strand: Living Things

Lesson: Planting Spring Bulbs


That the children will learn that a daffodil grows from a bulb and that it needs water, light and air to grow.

Children handle and examine bulbs. Children plant the bulbs ensuring that roots are turned downwards. During the following months the children will water the bulbs and observe growth. Children will recall the above with the aid of pictures taken with the digital camera during the lesson.

Materials Needed
Digital Camera



Teacher shows picture of a daffodil to class. Discussion on how a daffodil grows. Teacher gives groups of children in turn a bulb. Children are encouraged to handle, examine and talk about the bulb among themselves - with some prompting from teacher. Language, such as roots; shoots; compost are introduced to class.


Small groups of children gather round the table. Each child is given 1 bulb, 1 pot and compost. Children put a little compost into the pot. Children then put bulb into pot making sure the roots are facing downwards. Pot is then filled with compost. Children put water into pot. All full pots are put on a tray and covered with newspaper for a few weeks. Pots are watered regularly. When roots begin to appear the pots are put in a bright place. All the above stages are photographed using the digital camera.


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Photographs are down loaded, examined and discussed by the children. As flowers grow, the children are made aware that plants grow towards the light. When the daffodil is fully grown, the children bring them home. Tell the children to ask an adult to help them plant bulbs in the garden when flower dies.

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