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Lesson: What Plants Need to Grow

Aims/Objectives jectives

1. Aim: That the children will learn the elements that a plant needs to grow.

Objectives: The children will guess, experiment (using CD Smudge the Scientist) and deduce that plants need water, light and air to grow.

Materials Neededals Needed

Projector and Speakers
White Screen
Software - CD 'Smudge the Scientist' Storm Educational Software



Teacher sets up laptop and projector and installs software. We will have a brief discussion on planting our daffodil bulbs: What did we need? What did we do first? What way did we place the bulbs? What else did we do? Where did we place the potted bulb etc?



The children will play the interactive game Smudge the Scientist - each child having a turn to operate the maize. Discuss what they see, what happens and why they think it happens in Smudge the Scientist.

Teacher runs the software - Smudge the Scientist - Part 1 Living Things

Teacher tells class that Smudge wants flowers in his garden and he has asked us to help him grow them. Children discuss and guess what the plants will need to grow. Individual children will come up to the laptop and use the mouse to (a) water the plants; (b) bring out the sun and (c) make it snow. Children will observe the results, comment on why they think the particular result happened. Pupils will try different combinations of conditions i.e. sun, rain, snow etc. and see with which conditions the plants grew quickest. Discuss.


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities


Teacher and class will discuss their findings and deduce that plants need a) water, b) light and c) air to grow. Teacher informs the children that Smudge is now very happy because he has a garden full of lovely flowers and we will have to make sure that our daffodil bulbs get enough
a) water, b) light and c) air so that they will grow into beautiful flowers.

Teacher removes the software Smudge the Scientist and shuts down the laptop and projector.


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