TStrand:Living Things

Lesson: Planting Cress Seeds

opic: Sound 2

1. To make children aware of how seeds grow under different conditions. 2. To observe the growing seedlings. 3.To compare the seedlings to the seeds and discuss the difference between them.
Materials Neededaterials Needed

Mustard seed/Cress Seeds
Cotton Wool
Textbook "Look Around" Section: Planting Seeds




I will show children broad beans and cress seeds. We will discuss difference in shape and size and what seeds need to grow.

Questions: What do seeds need to grow? - Water and sunlight. What do the seeds look like? What colour are they? What shape are they?


I will tell the class that we will be working with the cress seeds today and the broad beans in a few days time. Every child in the class will plant some cress seeds, either on cotton wool or in compost.



I will bring each child up to the round table. The child will sprinkle some seeds on to the dampened cotton-wool which is on a lid (reusing margarine tub lids.) The lid will then be placed inside a plastic bag and placed on the window sill.

The compost will be placed in empty egg cartons (reusing.) The children will sprinkle a few seeds into the egg sections and cover with compost.



The children will carry out daily observations on the growth of the seeds. A pictorial record will be kept to record the growth of the seeds

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