Lesson:Air All Around



To enable the children to:
(a) discuss their concepts/ideas about air (b) observe simple demonstrations (c) experiment with balloons and bubbles (d)participate in a discussion on findings (e) record results / observations using digital camera and copies.

Materials Needed


Digital Camera
Empty bottles, cartons, and containers
Balloons, bubbles and a ball
Washing up-liquid



This lesson will be introduced with a story - Bonzo's Bubbles. This story will be discussed and questions asked: What do you think is inside Bonzo's Bubbles? What colour / shape are they? Have you ever blown bubbles?



The children will be shown some containers e.g. bottle, carton etc. Question: What is inside? What is inside a ball? What is inside a balloon? What is inside bubbles? It will be established that air is inside them all. It is also all around us.

A demonstration will be used to concretise this:

A bottle will be pushed into a basin of water. As the bottle fills with water air will be pushed out and form bubbles in the water. (Picture will be taken of child experimenting with this.)

A balloon will be blown up to demonstrate that air takes up a space (picture)

With a basin of warm water and washing up liquid, the children can experiment with bubbles in groups. (Pictures)


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

A class discussion on observations and findings will take place. The children will be given pages to represent pictorially what they learned / enjoyed / found. Pictures taken will be used to review concepts at a later date.


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