Topic: Moving Air



To enable the children to:
(a) recall what they discovered in lesson 1(Air All Around Us); (b) experience moving air (wind, heated air) (c) participate in demonstration on laptop (d) discuss findings on wind (e) record results pictorially and using the digital camera.

Materials Needed
Laptop, Data projector
Digital camera
Sample Kit
Plastic bag and string
Cardboard paper
CD Rom 'Smudge the Scientist' (Storm Educational Software) Section: Weather


I will introduce this lesson by reading the story 'The Wind blew'. I will ask the children: What is the wind? (Moving air). Can we see it? We will recall 'Air is all around us' from lesson 1.


We will engage in a series of mini experiments to let the children experience moving air:

(1) I will show the children a kite - how does it fly? i.e. moving air.

(2) Using a plastic bag a child can catch some air in the bag by running along and then tying a knot in the bag.

(3)The children will be given cardboard to flap and thus feel moving air.

(4)A paper race will be set up using cardboard to move pieces of paper. Four children at a time using a tabletop.

(5)The movement of warm air will be shown by creating paper snakes on strings to hang over the radiator. Why do the snakes move? i.e. heated air moves.

The laptop will be used to show the effects of wind. 'Smudge the Scientist' - Weather Section. This shows the effect of wind on trees, (blowing leaves off etc).


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

The children can record their findings pictorially. The digital camera will be used to record various stages of the lesson.

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