Strand: Materials

Lesson: Sorting and Classifying


Aims: 1. To sort and classify drink containers from the children's lunch boxes. 2. To develop mathematical language and scientific thinking.

Objectives: To make children more aware and observant of everyday objects that they are using.

Materials Needed

Different types of containers:

Foil Packs
Plastic Bottles
Digital Camera





Following lunch we will sort out all the different drinks containers on our round table.



We will discuss the observations made. Can we reuse any of these containers? Which ones cannot be used again? Why? What will happen to these cartons? Discuss bulk, rubbish collections etc. We will talk about the shapes of the containers - do we have more or less reusable containers?

Pictures of various container types are taken using the digital camera.


Conclusion/Follow Up Activities

Following the discussion we will collate all the information gathered on a large pictogram. The children with cartons and foil containers will glue them on to the chart and the children with reusable containers will draw around them and paint them in. I will then label the chart and put it on display for further discussion.

Pictures when developed will be used to revise and reinforce language and concepts explored.

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