Pupils Comments


Here's what some of our younger pupils had to say!

"Yippee - I love playing this!"

"This is great fun! When can we play this again?"

"I like playing the quiz on the laptop. I like learning about animal's and plant's habitats. I learned that treefrogs lay eggs in pools on large leaves and I learned that Polar Bears have white fir to catch their prey and that the treefrog's sticky pads on it's feet help it to climb"

"I like the laptop because it is fun and we learn new stuff by answering quizzes, reading stuff and playing fun games. I like our Look Around too. I don't know which I like best. We learned that over millions of years that animals change to suit their habitat- like the Polar Bear -he became white to make sure his prey does not see him. If there is a red word you can click on it and it tells you more .There is a- Did you know ? as well. The Laptop is cool."

"It was brilliant, I learned a lot"

"When is it my turn? I didn't get two 'gos'"

"I think the learning was different because it was very funny"

"It was good but I like reading out of books"

"When we use the laptop I learn new things. I learn about magnets and many more things. I learn lots of information fromt he laptop. I play lot of games on the laptop. I love the "Al's Kitchen" and "Rosies Treehouse". The laptop is really fun. I should get one for myself. I really really enjoy the laptop. It is fun."

"I like the Laptop because it helps me to learn about animals in their habitats and teaches me about Science It is better than Look Around because it gives more details"

"I like the Laptop because it has a girl to talk with and the games are fun. While you are playing with it you are learning more in formation. It is different than Look Around because it has clear pictures to show you what it means"

I'd like to use it again!