CDTitle: Mad About Science - Life (Disc 2)

Software Title : Mad About Science Disc 2 - Life
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley
Year of publication: 1998
MAC and PC Minimum system requirements: Win 3.1/95/98 on 486 33MHz
Age Group : 7 -11

Overview of teaching with this title

Curriculum strands and objectives addressed:

3rd and 4th class.
Strand unit: Human life

Objectives - The child should be enabled to:

o Become aware of the names and structure of some of the body's major external and internal organs
o Develop an awareness of the importance of food for energy and growth
o Become aware of and investigate breathing
o Explore and investigate how people move

Strand unit: Plant and animal life
Objectives - The child should be enabled to:

o Develop an increasing awareness of plants and animal from wider environments
o Observe and explore some ways in which plant and animal behaviour is influenced by or adapted to environmental conditions
o Sort and group living things into sets according to observable features
o Use simple keys to identify common species of plants and animals
o Understand that plants use light energy from the sun
o Come to appreciate that animals depend on plants and indirectly on sun for food
o Discuss simple food chains
o Investigate the factors that affect plant growth

3rd and 4th class - Strand unit: Environmental Awareness
Objectives - The child should be enabled to:

o Identify the relationships of living and non-living elements of local and other environments

5th and 6th class.
o Identify the inter-relationships and interdependence between plants and animals in local and other habitats o Group and compare living things into sets according to their similarities and differences
o Become familiar with the characteristics of some major groups and living things
o Investigate the factors that affect plant growth

Note: It is possible to cover the objectives above in a more simplified form in second class

Installation and use:

The product must be manually installed, in general the product launches quickly. I discovered that if difficulties occur, it is quicker to launch the program from the hard disk rather than directly from the CD. To do this use the following steps (after program has installed the first time of use) Stan - program - DK Multimedia - MA Science 2 Life The program responds quickly to input from the child. I used the single user version of this product and am not sure if a network version is available.

Supporting documentation:

The documentation which can be printed off the CD does not give information on how to run the software. However this is not needed as running the CD is quite intuitive. The documentation provides excellent information on how best to use this intbrmation in the class. It provides an excellent background or introduction to the CD. The teacher notes and pupil activities are relevant to the target age group of 7-11 year olds. The ideas presented are appropriate to good teaching practice. However, some of the experiments would have to be adapted for use in the classroom as some of the materials used might not be appropriate from a safety perspective. Worksheets are provided for use before, during or after a lesson. They are excellent.


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