CD Title: Mad About Science - Energy (Disc 1)

Software Title : Mad About Science Disc 1- Energy
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley
Year of publication: 1998
PC Minimum system requirements: Win 3.1/95/98 on 486 33MHz
Age Group : 7 -11

Contents of CD Rom

Section 1 - Forces

o Forces- the differences between push and pull
o Magnetic Attraction
o Magnetic Poles
o Weighing using balances
o Weighing with a spring balance Gravity
o Friction
o Air Resistance
o Simple Machines-what is a machine and how do they change forces?
o Forces and motion
o Changing direction and forces- how do forces help you play ice hockey?


Section 2
- Electricity

o Making a circuit
o Electrical Connections-how many ways can you join a battery, two wires and a bulb
o Switches- what does a switch do and are they all the same!
o Electrical Current- how do you make a bulb shine more brightly?
o Conduction of electricity- find out what electricity passes through!
o Sensitive Switches- alarms
o Using electricity- what machines make and use electricity
o Series and Parallel- what happens when you rearrange a circuit?
o Branched Circuits- how do you switch traffic lights from green to red?
o Circuit Diagrams- what the lines, shapes and squiggles mean


Section 3 - Light

o Where does light come from? Which things make light and which don't?
o Traveling Light- how does light travel and where do shadows come from?
o Sunrise and Sunset- how shadows can tell the time
o Reflection of Light
o Mixing Light- what colours do you get if you mix red, green and blue light?
o Paint and Ink- experimenting with colours
o Phases of the moon

Section 4 - Sound

o Making Music- making sounds with different musical instruments
o High and Low, Loud and Quit Sounds
o Muffled Sounds- refraction of sound
o Perfect Pitch- making musical notes higher and lower


Section 5 - Heat

o Making Heat- what things generate heat?
o Measuring heat using a thermometer
o What temperature eg. What's hotter than fife? What's colder than ice?

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