CD Title: Smudge the Scientist

Software Title: Smudge the Scientist
Publisher : Storm Educational Software
Year of publication: 1998
PC Minimum system requirements: Win 3.1/95/98 on 486 33MHz
Age Group : 4 - 8

Contents of CD Rom

Section 1 - Life and Living

o Naming parts of the flower eg; stamen, sepal, petals, stem, leaves, roots
o Naming parts of the body eg: head, arms, legs, feet and hands
o Naming inner organs eg: stomach, liver, kidneys and bladder
o Parts of an animal eg' torso, tail, mane, head and legs
o Seeds growing into plants- what seeds need to grow
o Grouping; Animals and Plants Soft and Hard


o Making things decay using temperature, rain and worms
o Grouping Things which decay/will not decay

Section 2
- Magnetism & ElectricityElectricity

o Magnetism
o Testing which things stick to magnets in Smudge's basket
o Trains and Magnets- connecting the carriages on the train using pole magnets or bar magnets
o Grouping- Magnetic/Not Magnetic Electricity
o Naming parts of a circuit eg; batteries, wires, bulbs, switches and bulb holder
o The Good Conductor- materials which conduct electricity
o Connecting the kennel-making a circuit

Section 3 - The Weather, Floating and Sinking

oThe Weather
o The Seasons
o Weather Chart- Keeping a weekly weather chart
o Weather Map- Putting different weather conditions in different areas of the map.

Floating and Sinking
o Testing things that float
o Grouping: Will Float/Will Not Float

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