CD Title: The Ultimate Human Body 2.0

Software Title : The Ultimate Human Body
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley
Year of publication: 1996
PC Minimum system requirements: Win 3.1/95/98 on 486 33MHz
Age Appropiate: 4th-6th class

Certain aspects could be used with all classes.

There are 5 sections accessing all from main 3D lab area. There is also an accompanying pocket sized book of Body Facts.

Section 1

1)Systems Scanner:

a)maps of body's main systems: circulatory,respiratory,muscular,skeletal,nervous,digestive,urinary,reproductive, hormonal,lymphatic.

b)Body Machine:
Find answers to Q's about how body works.

c)Body Organs:
Shows how all organs fit together within the body.Allows you to explore their relationship by removing them one by one.

Section 2

2)3D Scanner-Contains 3D models of the body and all its major organs.Scanner allows you to view body at various depths,removing layers until only skeleton remains.Organs can be rotated and enlarged using zoom button.

Section 3

3)X-Ray Scanner-Allows you to view the skeleton as it would be seen using X-ray photographic techniques.

Section 4

4)Quiz-Test knowledge of body and all its parts and functions.(Q's extremely difficult!)

Section 5

5)Body Online -Accessing website


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