CD Title:The Way Things Work 2.0.

Software Title : The Way Things Work
Publisher : Dorling Kindersley
Year of publication: 1996
PC Minimum system requirements: Win 3.1/95/98 on 486 33MHz
Users: 8 +

Accompanying pocket sized book of inventions.

Design and Navigation:

Finding your way around: Seven sections listed below.

An alphabetical list of every topic.
Use it quickly to find the information you are searching for.

Returns to previous screen.

Allows you to copy or print the window you are looking at.
You can also choose to view one of the mammoth movies.


Section 1-The Warehouse:

Contains pop-ups.
To access click on item in warehouse.
A video clip introduces the machine.
Go to left or right of the warehouse.
the single arrow changes to a double headed arrow.
Now click to view more machines in warehouse.

Section 2 - Machine

Clicking here takes you to the A-Z of machines where you can select a machine from an alphabetical catalogue (more than 150 machines).
Each machine contains:
diagrams texts, animations and illustrations that explain how the machine works.

Section 3 - Principles of Science

This screen allows you to choose one of the scientific principles that underline the machines.These are:

Electromagnetism, Electricity, Screws, Flying, Magnetism, Pressure, Heat, Levers, Photography, Light and Images, Friction, Springs, Floating,Sensors and Detectors, Telecommunications, Pulleys Gears and Belts, Sound, Computers, Inclined Planes, Cams and Cranks Wheels.


Section 4: History

Allows you to choose one of 5 historical periods and explore the machines invented within that time.

a)Antiquity 7000BC-AD1250
b)The Birth of Science 1251-1700
c)The Industrial Revolution 1701-1850
d)The Steam Age 1851-1940
e)The Silicon Age 1941-1984

Section 5: Inventors

Contains biographies of all the inventors whose machines appear in CD rom.

Section 6: Mammoth.Net

Use to launch browser and log on to the Internet site.

Section 7: Storeroom

Allows you to save pictures ,sounds,mammoth movies and screensavers to desk top.


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