Computer and Classwork done by First Class using Bailey's Bookhouse

Computer Work done by First Classes on the Topic of The Body

First Class teachers covered the topic of our body and its size and shape.

The topic was approached first through S.P.H.E. discussing the different components that make up our bodies. The main vocabulary of the body i.e. arms, legs, eyes, ears, hair etc. was taught to the children and the different types of characteristics people have i.e. long, short, curly hair were discussed.

In Art the children were invited to draw a not so typically shaped body - these were then displayed and discussed.

Through the computer the children used the C.D. ROM "Bailey's Book House" to construct their own imaginary friend. The main words were known by the class so the computer assisted them in progressing onto different colours that could be given to the various body parts. It assisted the children greatly to be able to see instantly their creations also they were more confident in creating their "friend" when they knew that if they didn't like a particular thing it could be changed without difficulty.

Once we had completed our "friends" and were happy with them the children then printed out the sheet of their friend and put their creation no-matter how strange on display.





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