Computer and Class Work done in Maths Learning Support Group

Senior Infants - Work done over several sessions since October. Using the computer to help teach pattern.

Work done in classroom :

Using concrete materials children made patterns with two colours. They then recorded what they had done on a worksheet. Next we made patterns with three colours, again using concrete materials and recorded on worksheet.

We then moved on to pattern using two criteria - colour and shape. Firstly, we used shape alone (two shapes) - e.g.O [] O [] O []

Then three shapes - e.g.O + [] O + [] O + []

Next we introduced colour - e.g. red circle, yellow square, red circle, yellow square etc. - firstly using two colours and then three. All of this was done using concrete materials first and then recording on worksheets.
Finally we tried some more complex patterns - e.g. O O [] O O [] O O []

- again concretely and then recording work done on worksheets.

Computer work :

"Millies Maths House" - "Bing and Boing"
- "Mouse House"
"Learning Ladders" - 3 - 5 (Pre school)
- Number&Pattern ->Blue blocks 1&2

The worksheet is based on "Learning Ladders - Preschool"
-> Number & Patterns ->Blue Block 2


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