Computer Work done by Second Classes and Learning Support Group

Second Class Computer Work

Keyboard skills

This year second class worked on simple word processing skills and with
Clicker 4
to help improve their understanding of sentence structure and presentation. At first we taught the children some essentials about the keyboard;

Space bar = space between words

Enter/return key = new line

Shift key + letter = capital letter

Backspace key = easy correction of errors.

Then we used the software package Clicker 4, to facilitate simple sentence construction and story writing. This package provides the children with a selection of words, which can be used in conjunction with their own text. It simplifies story making for the children.

Creative Writing

Second class enjoyed making their own word lists for stories, e.g. My Family. They also made lists of rhyming words using their spelling books for their partner to use in sentences. We found that using the computer for stories and for spelling drill had a good motivational effect on the pupils.

The children read their stories back to the teacher and were encouraged to make corrections before printing them off. This improved their presentation techniques and had a beneficial effect on handwriting back in the classroom too as it motivated all pupils to produce legible work.

Here are some examples of second class work;



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