Computer and Classwork done by Senior Infant Teachers using Millie's Maths House




The Senior Infant teachers used the 'Build-a-Bug' programme from Millie's Maths House. In using this programme the children were given the opportunity to experiment with the numbers 1 to 10.

Initially, a discussion on building a bug took place in the classroom. Following this discussion the children designed their own bugs using paper and crayons.They then went to the computer room and made these bugs using the Millie's Maths House programme.

The bugs were printed out and displayed in the classroom where plenty of discussion took place. The teacher asked questions such as, 'Can you find a bug with 3 eyes and 5 spots'?

This programme provided a variety of further opportunities for the children to explore numbers 1 to 10.It also helped the children's general computer skills e.g. use of the mouse to click, hold and drag.





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