Book Reviews
Details of the book reading and review project  
Clip Art Compilation
Details of the clip art project  
Discussion Fora
Details of the project to develop discussion fora on Scoilnet, supporting English teaching  
E-mail Stories
Details of the e-mail serial story project  
Essay Writing - Le Plan
Details of the 'Le Plan' essay writing schema  
Essay Writing - E-motivating the writer
Details of the proposal to use virtual discussion groups to motivate essay writers  
Details of the equipment bought for schools involved in the SIP 011 project  
Details of the grammar project  
Details of the Haiku project linking Kilkenny and Japan  
Hamlet on Scoilnet
Details of the Hamlet discussion forum on Scoilnet, an initiative of the SIP 011 project  
Partner Schools
Details of the 8 participating schools in Sip 011  
Media Studies
Details of the 'Headline' initiative, part of Media Studies  
Power Point Storyboarding
Details of thePowerPoint story project  
Software Reviews
Details of software review project  
Details of training courses run for SIP 011 particpants and others  
Video Conferencing
Details of the video conferencing project within SIP 011