The Email Stories

Note: versions 1 - 10 are set in Dublin. Versions 11 & 12 start in Cork


version 1

Episode 1 - Version 1

It was a Friday and my sister was coming back from a holiday in Australia. She had dropped out of college the previous year and had decided to travel. She wanted to "find herself." We had all been worried about her going away on her own to such a big, unknown country. We need not have worried. Sarah did indeed find herself on her travels. She became a much more independent, determined person that year. We saw the changes in her through her telephone calls and letters. I was looking forward to seeing the new Sarah.

I went up to collect her in my car. I arrived at the airport at about four o'clock but the flight was not in until around half four. I went to the pub and ordered a pint. There was a match on the telly - Manchester United versus Liverpool and it was just starting. I ordered another pint when I saw a tall blonde haired woman standing on the far side of the bar. She looked over at me and said, "G'day John". I didn't recognise her for a second, then it came to me, it was Sarah. I hopped out of my seat and gave her a hug, "Do you want a drink?"
"No thanks…. actually a pint of Fosters would be grand." I went over to the bar and got two pints. We sat down and talked for a while, and then we decided that we would go and get changed and get something to eat. I drove her back to my house and we had a cup of tea. "How about McDonalds?", she asked me.
"I don't really feel like it. Will we get it to takeaway?" I replied.
"No, not a takeout. I've had too many of those during last year."
"Well, how about Chinese then?"
"Yeah that would be great." We got changed and we left for Mr Wang's Restaurant. It was only about five minutes down the road.

"Welcome to Mr Wang's Restaurant, my name is Vincent and I will be your waiter tonight," said the small, dark Oriental as soon as we walked in. The waiter took us to our seats and presented us with two huge menus. "This beats McDonalds," I said and Sarah agreed. Vincent served us our food. I got Chicken Balls with fried rice and Sweet and Sour sauce, and Sarah got the same. We ate and enjoyed our food but disliked Vincent. He seemed to be uneasy and anxious and that feeling began to rub off on us. We finished our meal with coffee and decided to go home. When I got outside I felt a bit sick so I sat on the wall. Sarah went into the restaurant to get me a glass of water.
" HELP!"
"What was that?" I wondered. I looked around for a while and then I heard another scream. It came from the lane beside the restaurant. I walked over to the lane very slowly. I was scared. I looked down the lane and I saw somebody jumping over the wall, "Are you ok?" I asked but he kept on running. I proceeded to walk down the lane. I walked about halfway down when I saw something lying on the ground. It looked like a person. I ran over to the person and asked if he was all right, but he didn't answer. Sarah was calling me, but I didn't answer for a while. I thought the man was dead and I was about to ring the Gardai when he stated to talk. He was mumbling and I couldn't understand what he was saying. Then he whispered, "There is a bag in the bin up the road, in it is a box with a key, please do not open the box. There is also a map it is of Kilkenny, plus one hundred pounds. Will you take the bag to Kilkenny and leave it where the map shows. I am too sick to do it my self. I have money in my wallet. There is a hundred pounds. You can have it. Please do……" Just then he collapsed. Sarah came running around the corner. "What happened?" she asked, but I didn't reply. She stood there looking at the body.
"Will you just ring an ambulance!"

Ten minutes later an ambulance come and took him away, but I knew he was dead. I went back into the restaurant and went to the toilet. On my way in I saw the back door open, there was a trail of blood leading from the door to the toilet. I walked into the toilet and saw a pool of blood on the floor. There was somebody in one of the toilets. I tiptoed into the toilet and listened. Suddenly, he walked out of the toilet but I couldn't see his face. Then he turned around and I got a shock to see it was the waiter. He stared at me for a while and then ran out of the toilet. I ran out after him but he was gone. I looked around for him but I could not find him. I walked back down the lane to look for him but to no avail.
"John where are you? " I could hear Sarah calling in the background.
"I am down here," I replied. She ran down the lane with a bag in her hand.
"Where did you get that?" I asked with surprise.
"I was putting something in the bin when I saw this bag in the bottom of the bin" she said. Just then I remembered that it was the bag that the man was talking about. I took the bag, opened it and I looked through it. I found the map. It was a map of Kilkenny. I also found money and a box with a key. I remembered not to open the box although I was tempted. I explained everything that had happened to Sarah and suggested that we should tell it all to the gardai when they arrived.
"Absolutely not!" replied Sarah.
"What?" I asked in surprise, shock and horror. So this was the new Sarah and I felt afraid of her all of a sudden.
"We'll go and investigate it ourselves. There might be lots of dosh in it for us!"
"Oh my God, I know this is going to be a big mistake. Why am I going to agree to it?" But I did!

version 2

Episode 1 - Version 2

I was on my way around to the bus stop with my mam and I remembered that I promised to go to the pictures with my friend Jennifer. She lives next door to me and has done all her life. We live in Coolock. We are best friends, which is probably unusual. When we were young I always liked her because she was a bit of a tom-boy. She would climb the highest trees and walls. She could play football better than most boys I know. She would not run away from a fight like most girls would. In fact, over the years I got a few black eyes in fights that she had started! Yet to look at her you would not realise that she was like that. She is quite small and lady-like. A lot of my friends think I'm very lucky to have such a good-looking friend, but I don't care about that.

Anyway, I told my mam that I had to go back to Jennifer's house and she said I could go. So she gave me some money. I went home and got something to eat. Then I knocked into Jennifer's house. When I knocked in she was ready to go, so we started to walk. The cinema was about fifteen minutes walk away from my house. We were half way there and Jennifer said, "I forgot my money." The picture was about to start. We ran back to her house but by the time we got back we were too late. The man said that the film had started ten minutes previously.

We were annoyed to be missing the film but we decided to get a bus to town to go to the amusements instead. We got the number twenty-seven to town. In about forty-five minutes we arrived. The amusements were about twenty minutes walk away. Jennifer wasn't sure if I knew where I was going but I pretended to her that I did. After about a half an hour I told her we were lost. It took her about ten minutes to calm down and then she said we had to find a phone and ring her mam. We went looking for a phone. We were walking down a long narrow street. About fifty metres in front of us a car pulled up and two men got out and dumped a black bag in a bin. The two men then got back into the car and sped off. Jennifer and I were curious about what was going on so we ran to the bin to see what was in the bag. We pulled it out. It was very heavy. Jennifer didn't want to open it but I did not listen to her. When I opened it, five guns fell onto the ground with seven boxes of bullets. I quickly put them into the bag. Jennifer and I were in shock but we both agreed that it would be best if we handed them into the gardai. Suddenly the car with the two men came speeding around the corner and pulled up beside us. They saw that we had the bag. One of the men jumped out and ran towards us. We ran. The other man in the car was shouting `come on`. We could hear the gardai sirens. A squad car came around the corner and chased the men in the car. We ran as fast as we could because we heard gunshots. We got around the corner and the gardai and the two men were shooting at each other. Another squad car pulled up behind the first car and it was four against two. The men were out numbered but didn't stop shooting. One of the men was shot and killed and the other man started shouting abuse at the four gardai before running away. When the shooting stopped we ran over to the gardai and showed them where we had left the bag. They asked us lots of questions about the bag and the men. We told them everything that happened. News channels were all around us taking pictures and asking questions. The guards put us in the back of a car and drove us home.

When I got home my mam was crying. She thought something had happened to us. We were all over the news. On the news it said that the guns we found belonged to the I.R.A., a republican terrorist organisation. It also said that the two men were brothers and one of them was dead, but the other was at large, armed and dangerous. Everybody in my house was worried, so the gardai gave us armed bodyguards. The next morning when I woke up the gardai told us that the four guards that were involved in the shootout were attacked last night with their families. They also told us that it was not safe for us to stay at home anymore. Just then Jennifer came in with her family. The guards, my family and Jennifer's family talked about where we would go. The guards said that it would be best if we left the city. They said that they would find us two houses in Kilkenny with armed protection. We all agreed it was best. So we packed our bags and went to the train station to get the train to Kilkenny.

version 3

Episode 1 - Version 3

Frank and Mary both live in Dublin. They grew up together and lived in the same flat block in Crumlin. Both of them were now in their early twenties and had lived next door to each other all their lives. The flats they lived in were quite rough and there was always trouble. They both hated living there and one day hoped to move away from all of the trouble. In the flats there were always drugs being pushed and every month or so somebody would die because of an overdose. Frank and Mary were unusual in not being involved in drugs. They had never even tried them and never would. Mary knew that they no longer belonged in the flats and often said so to Frank, but it is hard to move away from the life you have always known.
Frank was as "tall, dark and handsome" as the cliché says. Mary liked him because he had such a strong, vibrant personality. She was the more timid type and in appearance was also the opposite of Frank. She was as blond as he was dark and was also much smaller. She was beginning to realise that her feelings for Frank were starting to change. It was no longer the feelings for the boy next door. It was starting to be something more. Unfortunately, she did not think anything would ever come of it because Frank appeared to be oblivious to it all.

One day they were walking around the flats and they noticed a bag lying on the ground. It was an unusual sight in their area because nobody left anything unattended in case it was robbed. Unless, of course, it had already been robbed and had now been dumped. It warranted investigation anyway. It was actually quite heavy so they concluded that somebody must have foolishly left it. "Let's leave it. It's none of our business," suggested Mary. "You must be joking," replied Frank, "it's not going to do any harm to look." Mary realised that there was no point arguing so she just agreed. When Frank opened the bag there were thousands of pounds worth of drugs in it. They didn't know what to do. Mary started to get nervous and afraid. She knew that to get involved in this would be a disaster and she said so. Frank was really calm and cool about what was happening. He had a kind of glazed look on him and hardly seemed to realise that she was there, let alone listen to her.

When Frank and Mary were going home that night they heard that a man had been stopping people all day ask about a bag. Mary started to get afraid. Frank said to her, "We'll have to get rid of the bag as soon as possible."
"That won't be soon enough for me," replied Mary.
"Let's hope it won't be too late for the two of us."
"What do you mean?" Mary asked anxiously.
"Well, we don't know who owns this stuff and we don't know who knows we have it. Let's hope nobody finds out or we'll be in big trouble!"
Mary knew she had been right when she said to get involved would be a disaster.

The next day Frank came out to call for Mary. Just as Frank walked out the door he heard a noise. He looked over the balcony and saw six men kicking one man around the flats. Frank hid down behind the balcony until the men left. When the two men left he hurried into Mary's flat and rang an ambulance, By the time the ambulance arrived the man was dead. There were Gardai all over the flats for the rest of the day and night. Frank and Mary couldn't do anything that night so they stayed in and listened to music for the rest of the night. Frank slept in Mary's flat that night. The next morning Frank and Mary both got up early so that they could burn the bag at the back of the flats. Their plans were ruined because the flats were covered in officers doing a big search of the flats.

Later that day Frank and Mary both went to the back of the flats. They tried to get a fire going but they couldn't. Just as they got a fire going two Gardai walked around the corner and asked, "What are you two doing around here?"
Frank replied, "We are just getting a fire going." Frank was really worried that the Gardai would search his bag and find the drugs. Just then the Garda said, "What's in the bag?" Mary just froze. Frank said "It's my football gear." "Right, well clear off and play football!" said the garda.
Mary was delighted to get away. As they were walking back to the flats they noticed a few people looking at them strangely. They hoped that their secret had not been discovered. Their worst fears were confirmed when they got to Mary's flat and found that the whole place had been wrecked. After their initial shock they decided to get away as quickly as possible. Mary said, "I have friends down the country. Maybe we could go there?"
"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" said Frank.
Mary was secretly thinking that if her advice had been listened to in the first place this situation would never have arisen.

version 4

Episode 1 - Version 4

Robert Quill lived in Beaumont in Dublin. He had just moved to Dublin from Kilkenny with his mother and his sister. His mother had separated from his father and returned to her family background in Dublin. Robert was very good in school, and his classmates called him a "geek". They felt intimidated by his better ability and found it easy to attack this quiet outsider. His only friend was his twin sister Orla but she also gave him a hard time. Orla always got on with her brother but resented the way he was different from most people. She wished he could be as ordinary as every other boy she knew, but instead he was intelligent and sensitive! They both liked living in Dublin but they also enjoyed their occasional visits to Kilkenny to visit their dad. When they were in Kilkenny Orla always visited lots of friends but Robert stayed in watching television or reading a book.

One day Robert and Orla were walking home from school and Orla wanted to take a shortcut through St. Anne's park. Robert was walking behind her. Then they spotted something hanging from a tree. As they got closer they noticed it was a dark coloured schoolbag. Orla made Robert reach up and grab the bag. There was a nametag on the bag but it was a bit smudged. It said P.Jones 19 ~~~~~~~ Rd. Kilkenny. They had a little peek inside the bag and found that it was full of money. They were shocked and surprised. Orla saw this as an answer to her prayers, but Robert saw it as a problem that could only be solved by telling their parents and reporting the matter to the gardai. Orla knew they could not tell their mother and still hold on to the cash so she convinced Robert not to tell their parents and Robert said that he wouldn't tell.
When they went home they brought the bag up to Orla's room. They opened the bag and counted the big bundles of cash. Orla wanted to spend it on themselves, but Robert wanted to bring it to the police. They counted it, there was nearly one hundred thousand pounds altogether. Robert kept trying to persuade his sister that it was wrong to keep the money. He pointed out that it rightly belonged to someone else. He suggested reasons why it was there, such as that it was a ransom payment and they were preventing a kidnapped person from being released. Worse still, it could be payment for drugs and they might be putting their lives in danger by taking it.

Orla was adamant that she was not going to allow this opportunity for wealth and excitement to pass without grabbing it with both hands. Finally, Robert said that he would have to tell someone about it. Orla was terribly disappointed. She then came up with one last appeal. Why not go to Kilkenny themselves to try to find the owner of the money? After all they knew Kilkenny well and they could use the money for their expenses! They finally agreed to go to Kilkenny.

They had to try and convince their mother to let them go to Kilkenny. They were awake all night trying to think of a suitable excuse for her. Then Robert thought of saying that they were going away with their school. Orla thought that it was a stupid idea because their mother could ring the school. Then it struck them they could say they were going to their dad's house in Kilkenny and that would also give them somewhere to stay at night.
The very next morning they set out for the train station. They were kind of scared. What if they would never see their parents, their friends, or their home again? As they boarded the train, they waved goodbye to their mother. Then they started to wonder what would happen to them on their adventure. Orla was surprised at how enthusiastic Robert was about everything and she admired the ability he had to organise things. In fact he seemed to be taking command of the situation which was very unusual for him.
They had a lot of courage because they didn't know who owned the bag. Well whoever owned it was in for a big surprise.

version 5

Episode 1 - Version 5

For the last few months the neighbours had been keeping an eye on Tom and Patricia. They knew that the couple had been up to something. They thought of them as good neighbours but it was just the way they were acting lately. Their names are Tom and Patricia O' Malley. The blinds are always shut in their house which looked deserted most of the time. Tom and Patricia were regarded by most people as very nice neighbours. They were quite shy and never seemed to have many visitors and did not seem to go out very often. They did not have any children. They were both in their thirties and were a very attractive looking couple. He was tall and muscular and very dark. She was also quite tall but was a contrast to him because of her long blonde hair.

A boy called Gary said that about a month ago there were a few people that saw them walking their dog in the park and they came across a suitcase lying against the bench. Nobody knew if it was left there for them but they took it anyway. Gary followed them to the bushes in the park. It wasn't the right thing to do but he did it anyway. First they looked around and then they opened the suitcase. There was a whole lot of money in it. Gary thought it was the most he had ever seen in his life .He thought there was about £500,000 in it .Tom and Patricia nearly fell to the ground from shock. They closed the suitcase and walked away. They brought the suitcase back to the house and closed all the blinds. For a number of days they haven't been seen nor had they set foot outside their house. The story spread from Gary to his friends and on until everybody heard it and was watching them. Many thought they were counting the money all the time, while others felt they were preparing to leave the country. The stories about them became bigger and wilder all the time.

After five days of finding the suitcase they came out. They seemed very happy too and did not feel at all concerned that someone might come and take the money on them. Many people felt they should be keeping guard on the money night and day and not leave the house at all. As they came out on the sixth day they hardly realised all the speculation that was going on about them. They would hardly be regarded as great criminals! Nobody had approached the house until about a week and a half after the finding of the suitcase. It had been someone that was never seen in the area before. He knocked twice on the door but there was no answer and then he went. He came again later on in the evening and someone did answer this time. It was Tom that answered and he invited him in for about a half an hour. When the man came out he was smiling and shaking Tom's hand and saying how grateful he was for Tom's co-operation. Tom was smiling away too and saying that he'd call him later on in the day.

On Monday morning most people were going about their business but they still glanced over at their house and this time the blinds where open. It was unusual to see blinds open on that road at that time. And what was even more unusual was to see that their blinds were open after seeing them closed for the previous two weeks. When people got back from school and work that day their blinds were still open and they were sitting at the window arguing. That Monday afternoon was the last that anyone saw of Tom and Patricia. They disappeared that night. It was in the papers two days after about their disappearance. They hadn't been seen leaving the house that evening as the police said in the papers. Everyone knew that something was going on with them and whatever was going on with them made them run off with that suitcase of money. And that man that was at their house twice! Where did he fit in to it? Most people thought that he had something to do with their disappearance too. They had left everything behind them in their house. It was like they vanished into thin air. It was quite a shock to all the neighbours on the street to see the police at their house and to know that Tom and Patricia had disappeared somewhere. But the really weird thing was that no one saw them leaving the house or even saw them around the city. The neighbours had to give a description of Tom and Patricia. After watching them for so long they were able to give an excellent description and they could even identify all the clothes they owned. Nevertheless, everybody felt helpless and kind of guilty. They felt they should have been able to prevent anything bad happening to them. Then somebody said that perhaps nothing bad happened to them and maybe it was all part of a big plan. Nobody knew. They could only wait and see if any trace of them turned up in the days ahead.

version 6

Episode 1 - Version 6

It was a cold winter's day and Luke was walking home from school when he saw his friend Jenny. Jenny was a nice girl who never rushed into things. Luke was the opposite - he was fiery-tempered and looked for strange new things to do. By the time Luke caught up with Jenny he was out of breath. Jenny asked him how he caught up so quickly. Luke said his school was let off a class early. Jenny thought it was great because Luke didn't get home until a half an hour after her. When the two of them got home they went into their houses and got out of their uniforms. They changed into tracksuits. Jenny was changed first so she knocked at Luke's front door. Luke came out and asked if Jenny wanted to go to the chip shop. When they got to the chip shop Luke asked for a batter burger and chips. Jenny wasn't hungry so she did not buy anything. When Luke got his food he ate it very quickly and then asked Jenny if she wanted to go to the factories. Jenny said she wasn't sure and then Luke called her a chicken. After a while she agreed to go to the factories with Luke.

When they got there Jenny thought they shouldn't go in but Luke insisted they go in. They crawled under a big gate, walked down a narrow lane into a big yard where there were six doors and they went into the door numbered four. There was a lot of stuff in the room and most of it was off old beds. Luke saw some old mattresses and started to pile them up. Then he stacked up some empty wooden boxes and started to jump off them on to the old mattresses. After his third jump he rolled off and hit his head off something under a bed sheet. He lifted up the sheet and found a bag. He opened it and found some money. He took some out and looked at it for a while then he put it up to the light and saw that there was no mark to show that it was real. Luke then assumed it was counterfeit money. He kept one five-pound note and put the rest back. Jenny was very worried about Luke finding the money so she told him to put it back. Luke said he had to keep it to show his parents. When they got back to their estate Luke went in to his house and showed his parents. They asked him where he got it. Luke told his parents he found it in a bag in the factories. Then Jenny knocked at his door with her parents. Jenny's parents asked if they could see the money, they thought the matter should be reported to the authorities. It was decided to do so the following day.

That night Luke sneaked out of his house and he went over to Jenny's house and threw a stone at her bedroom window. Jenny opened it and told Luke she would be down to him in a little while. Jenny came out and they started to make their way towards the factories where they found the fake money. They were walking for about five minutes and Luke took out some tea in a flask and some sandwiches. Jenny was very hungry so she asked Luke could she have some of his tea and sandwiches. Luke and Jenny ate the sandwiches and drank the tea very quickly. They walked over to the factories slid under the big gates. Then they started to walk down a lane. They were walking down the lane when Jenny told Luke she was scared. Jenny was not very eager about going to get the bag of money from the junk room. Luke told Jenny not to be afraid because there would not be anyone around at that time of night. Jenny felt better after being reassured by Luke. When they were getting close to the junk room they could hear noises so Luke told Jenny to stay quiet. They listened for a while then they could hear talking. Jenny said to Luke that they should go back before someone saw them. Luke told Jenny to stay where she was while he went to see whom it was. Luke saw three men stuffing the money in to some other containers that he could not see very clearly. Then Jenny came from around the corner and she knocked over a bin. The men turned around and saw Jenny and Luke who ran. They ran towards home and the men followed them. Jenny and Luke ran into the local park and were sure that they had gotten away from the men. Luke and Jenny told their parents and they went mad at them for going back. They immediately contacted the gardai. When the gardai arrived they were very annoyed over the whole thing. Nevertheless, they were very interested in the detailed account of the men, which Luke was able to give them. They were particularly concerned about the men following Luke and Jenny home. They were not convinced that the men had been shaken off in the park. They felt that it would be best for them to leave the area until matters had been sorted out. In the discussion that followed it was decided that Luke and Jenny should be sent to Luke's aunties in the country.

version 7

Episode 1 - Version 7

It was the last day of school before the Summer holidays and for John it couldn't have come too soon. John was one of those people who thought that a 1960's film was more entertaining than a full day of torturous schoolwork at St. Davids C.B.S in Artane. John wasn't the smartest pupil in the school and had a look of thickness about him. He had a scrawny, freckled face, which would make you assume that he had never got a bite to eat.

Meanwhile a few minutes down the road his twin sister Sarah was dreading the time when the bell would ring in Maryfield College bringing to an end homework, unforgiving teachers, studying, anything to do with life in school. Sarah was the exact opposite of John, for her weekends were too long and the maximum amount of homework she could ever get was just not enough. Sarah was short and tubby with brown hair that just came past her ears. She was quite shy and didn't have many friends. She spent most of her time reading and writing. She rarely watched television.

John and Sarah got on quite well together- not just because they were brother and sister. They felt like each of them could show off to each other. To Sarah, John provided someone who had a lower brain capacity than she had. She felt good knowing that she was smarter than him. This didn't upset John. He was still smarter than her at some things. He knew at what time and on which channel the Simpsons were on each day. He could name the whole starting eleven for any Premiership side. He knew certain basic things, which made Sarah envious of him and his wise street knowledge.

When they both got home John went out to play with his friends. He brought Sarah with him by request of his mother. They took their bikes for a cycle down to St. Anne's Park, which is well known for its great bicycle track. John and his friends Joe and Mark were going over a few of the big jumps, while Sarah read a book which she had smuggled down. As John landed a big jump something got stuck in his back wheel. Before he could do anything he was face first in the mud. Joe helped him up while Mark picked out a plastic bag, which had caused the accident. "Are you okay?" asked Mark.
"Yeah I'm fine, just a few scrapes nothing to worry about." John opened the bag and pulled out what looked like an old piece of paper. As John examined it closer he found out that it was an old map of Ireland. There were a number of red dots in certain counties. One of the dots had been crossed out with a number "1" written beside it. On the other side of the page there were instructions but John didn't bother to read them. Also in the bag was a clue, which read "Go to the field of the county champions and beside the north facing goalpost you will find the next clue." John was amazed at this find. He showed it to Sarah to see if it was real. "It looks authentic to me," said Sarah, "maybe you should show it to Mam and Dad."
"Okay let's go!" replied John. John placed the map carefully back in the bag and they all cycled home as fast as they could as if their lives depended on it.

John and Sarah raced into the house but stopped at the kitchen door because they could hear their mother crying. This was unusual as they saw their mother as quite an unbreakable person. "What do you mean they laid you off?"asked their mother.
"The boss said that the business is going broke and can't afford to pay all the workers," said their father. "I can't believe it you've been there sixteen years. Now how are we going to pay for a summer holiday? The kids will be so disappointed." Said their mother. "I'll try to make it up to them."

Just then John and Sarah burst in. "Does this mean we're not going abroad?" asked John. "How long have you been there," asked their mother as she brushed away tears from her eyes." Long enough" replied Sarah. "I'm afraid so" said their father. "Maybe some day when I get settled in a new job. This didn't seem to bother John and Sarah. John put forward the idea of going treasure hunting in Ireland using the map he had found. His mother and father thought that the map couldn't be real. But they also thought that it would be a good chance to get away for a while, away from their troubles. So it was settled the family would leave the next morning for wherever the clues may take them. Their parents began packing while John and Sarah searched for the clue, which would take them across country. They knew they had to go to the pitch of the county champions in Dublin for the year the map was made. On the top of the map was the year "1937". John knew that his own club won the championship for the first time in 1937. So they raced down to old Maypark as quick as their legs could carry them. On their way down to Maypark Sarah and John thought about what they would find at the end of "The Hunt" weather it would be rubies and emeralds or nothing at all. John and Sarah knew that they would have a great time.

Using a compass in Sarah's watch they found the north goal and began digging beside it. Sarah picked one spot and John another. It took "15" minutes and a lot of destruction before Sarah's eyes lit up. "Gold" she shouted.
"What?" replied John. "I've found gold beside the clue". John picked up the gold and put it in his pocket. They were so excited that they almost forgot to pick up the clue and bring it with them. They now knew that this was real; this could solve all their parents' problems. This could be the start of a great adventure.

version 8

Episode 1 - Version 8

"I'm freezing," said John to Naomi as they walked down the street.
"I know. I am cold too." John and Naomi were homeless people living life as it came at them.
John was a tall man aged twenty-two with blond hair and blue eyes. He always thought a lot before he made decisions and was very kind and decent. On the other hand Naomi was arrogant and seemed like she hadn't a care in the world. Naomi was also blonde with blue eyes but she was only twenty. Naomi
and John had been living on the streets from a very young age.
"Will we go into town tomorrow?" asked Naomi.
"For what?" questioned John?
"Just for a look around," replied Naomi
"O.K," answered John.
They lived in an old broken down warehouse that was not used anymore. The next morning they went down to the bus stop and got the 27b bus into town.
"I hate having no money and just being a loser, "said Naomi
"We aren't losers. We have just had a lot of misfortune but hopefully it will soon be our turn for a bit of good fortune."
"I hope so," replied Naomi.

They were walking up Moore Street minding their own business when a little black bag caught Naomi's eye. It had a red stripe running across it. Naomi went over and picked it up and put it into the inside pocket of her coat. John didn't see any of this happening. After a while they sat down on some old stone steps because they were tired walking. Naomi took a long look around and took the little black bag out from her inside pocket.
"What's that?" questioned John.
"It's just a bag I found on the ground," answered Naomi.
"Well did you see who it belongs to?" asked John
"No, let's see what's in it."
Naomi opened the bag. There was a lotto ticket dating from a couple of days previously in the bottom of the bag. Naomi got up before John could even ask what was in the bag. She went over to the nearest newsagents and she asked the shop assistant for Wednesday's lottery numbers. She got them and went back over to John who was still sitting on the stone steps.
"What's that?" asked John.
"It's Wednesday's lotto numbers," replied Naomi.
"What did you get that for?"
"I found a lotto ticket in that bag and I'm just comparing it with the one I have got now."
Naomi looked very closely at the two tickets. She couldn't believe her eyes.
"John, look! I think we have just won the lottery."
"What do you mean? We haven't won anything because it's not our ticket," said John.
"Well, we found it," cried Naomi.
" It belongs to someone else."
" Well this is the fortune you were talking about."
" But it isn't our fortune," replied John

Just then Naomi looked up and saw two stocky men wearing bomber jackets and sunglasses aged around thirty running towards them. She got up and told John to run and she dashed down the street. John chased after her. She ran into a supermarket and the two men followed her and John into the store. They hid at the end of an aisle and waited for the two men to come. The minute the men came around the corner they pushed two shopping trolleys into them. The two men went flying into a shelf and that bought them some time.
"Where do we go now?" asked John.
"Just follow me," answered Naomi.
The two of them ran out of the store and hid amongst the crowd. The two men proceeded to look for them. They scanned around the street until they noticed Naomi and John. The blonde hair was a dead giveaway. Just then a bus arrived at the bus stop.
"Run for the bus," shouted Naomi.
The two of them ran as fast as they could towards the bus. They jumped onto it just before the doors closed. They looked out the window and saw the two men running after the bus, but they soon stopped due to exhaustion. John and Naomi sat down to try and catch their breath and assess the situation.
"Well what are we going to do now?" asked John.
"We will probably have to get out of here," said Naomi.
"Well we can't do that - just pack up and leave here!" replied John.
"We can't? What do you have to pack? What do you have to lose? Anyway you would never know how long those two men will be on our backs."
"How about we just give the men what they want?" explained John.
"No way," said Naomi.

Naomi and John went back to the warehouse and gathered their belongings.
"So where are we going to go?" asked John
"I don't know, but it will have to be far away from here," answered Naomi.

version 9

Episode 1 - Version 9

One summer's evening Marie and Joey were walking through Maypark when they saw a man being chased by the police. The man was the kind of man you would not forget. He must have been over six foot tall and sixteen stone weight. He was very fast for a man of his size and each time one of the guards caught him he just shook him off like a fly. While they were watching they saw the man throw a small bag into a bush. The police did not see him do this because the nearest policeman had just been flung in to the previous ditch. Just after that the man was arrested when four or five guards jumped on him at the same time..
As soon as the police left the park Marie and Joey went over to where the bag had been thrown. After a short search they found and opened the bag. Inside there was a map and a few bundles of money, all of which were £50 notes.
Marie and Joey were shocked. On the map there was a picture of Ireland with four places marked out on it. The first place was Dublin.
Marie had blonde hair, blue eyes and a few freckles dotted across her face. She was never one to keep quiet for long and always spoke her mind. She attended St Mary's school in Killester. She had a wicked temper if you got on her bad side. Joey had dark brown hair, a good tan and was the quieter of the pair. He had a bad temper but not as bad as Marie's. They were both helpful but you didn't want to get on their bad sides.
They were both from the Donneycarney area. Marie lived on Clanmoyle while Joey lived on Clanmahon.

After this they left the park with the bag. They had an argument over who should keep the bag. His parents were away for the week so Marie thought he should mind it. In the end they decided that he was to keep it until the weekend when they would look more carefully at the contents of the bag and discuss what to do with it.
During the week they heard about a man asking if anyone had found a package in Maypark. As soon as they heard this the two of them started to get worried.
When the weekend finally came they went to Marie's house and counted the money. It took them an hour to count it all. They were both shocked with the amount, which was £100,000. Then they turned their attention to the map. When they looked at the map again there were four dots each on a different county of Ireland with the one on Dublin crossed out. Marie said that they probably got the money from the place in Dublin on the map. They never even considered whether to keep or return the money. Their automatic feeling was "finders keepers!"
They started talking about what they were going to do with the money, when out of the blue Joey said, "Why don't we go to the other places on the map?"
"Where else is there?" asked Marie, who thought this was a good idea.
"There's an "X" on Donegal, Kilkenny and Waterford."
"We could turn it in to our summer holidays!"
"Yes and we might make some more money out of it," said Joey. So they agreed on a date the week after they got their summer holidays.
After their talk they went outside. As soon as they left the road they were shocked to see the man that the police arrested approach them. He grabbed both

version 10

Episode 1 - Version 10

One year ago, Kate and John got caught up in an adventure they would never forget. It all started on a usual summer Monday when nearly everybody was on holidays. John was an average height, fair- skinned and had blonde hair. He was kind of shy and unadventurous. Whenever there was trouble John was sure to try to avoid it. He was calling for his friend whose name was Kate. She was about the same height as John. She had brown shoulder length hair. Kate was a very inquisitive person and a bit daring, so she usually dragged him on little adventures. She always enjoyed having John around because she loved the way he reacted when things went wrong - which they inevitably did. When she came out of her house they were heading towards the local park. They were talking about a film they saw on television the previous night. The park was vast and teemed with tall trees. Amongst all of that were bushes where some teenagers smoked, skipped school and took drink. This really ruined the entire locality and made it seem really corrupt. Kate and John climbed a tree in the middle of the park because the traffic noise was fainter up there. Of course, it was Kate's idea to climb, not John's. They talked there for hours sometimes but most of the time they played football around that area.

"Look at that over there," said John.
"What? Where?" asked Kate.
"Over by the bushes" replied John, "it looks like a briefcase. I'm sure it is a briefcase."
"Let's see what's in the briefcase?" said Kate excitedly. They climbed down the tree and went for the briefcase. When they picked it up they saw that it had a small padlock on it. John suggested leaving it there but Kate disagreed. Then John appealed to her to bring it to the Gardai. Kate said, "John, I don't know why I put up with you! We live a boring life where nothing ever happens. Suddenly a little mystery arises and you want to walk past it."
"It can only lead to trouble, Kate," said John.
"Nonsense! Now let's go and get a hacksaw or something and get this thing open. Do you have something at home that we could use?"
John was about to answer when Kate saw a scruffy looking man coming out of the bushes.
"Let's go. Run, John. Run!!"
"Come back with that briefcase you two. Come back or you're dead!"

This frightened them very much, so then they ran as fast as they possibly could. They ran all the way to John's house. When they got there they opened the briefcase and they saw lots of useless letters and forms. Well, at least that's what they thought, until Kate pulled out an envelope with little plastic packages full of drugs. They found about six of these packages. "Let's tell our parents," said John.
They went to their mothers and told them,
"You have to bring it back," said John's mother. "We can't, he got a good look at us before we ran away."
"We can't bring this to the cops because they won't come in time!" said Kate's mother hysterically.

The two families decided to stay in their friend's house down the road so the drug dealers would not find them. Their friends were kind of rich and their house was huge. It was like a palace. In the sitting room there was a red couch with gold trim that looked very expensive. They were afraid they would drop something on it. All of the rooms were really large. When they went into the sitting room Kate and John's families were in the sitting room talking about what they should do in the morning. They came up with many ideas for the morning like moving into their relations' houses until the whole thing blew over or else things as simple as ring the gardai to tell them to come in the morning. As time passed their ideas got worse and worse.
"Lets call it a night," said John's father, "everything will appear clearer in the morning." Everybody agreed, although not much sleep was had that night by any of them. The next day the only action that seemed to be possible was to ring the gardai. When they arrived they suggested bringing the stuff back to the park and setting a trap for the dealers. Nobody was anxious to get involved in this plan, but it was felt that there was no alternative. John was shaking with nerves while they walked back to the park with the bag. Kate had never had as much excitement or fun. "When this is over I'm never getting involved in your schemes again. I promise," said John.
"Ah, give over complaining, this is great," replied Kate.
Suddenly the same scruffy old man jumped out at them and held a knife up to John's throat. Where were the guards? They had promised that everything would be alright. This was not meant to happen. The man told them that it was just as well they had come back and he was glad they had not gone to the guards. If he only knew! Just then, right when they were not needed, a group of detectives came in to view. "I'll get you for this! I know where you live!" said the man. John and Kate were in shock. Their parents were angry with the gardai. They had to get away from the city - and fast!

version 11

Episode 1 - Version 11

Sylvie, my French pen pal strolled through the 'Arrivals' door at Cork Airport, laden down with luggage. She didn't talk much as I picked up her luggage and led the way to the bus depot."What have you got in these bags? Rocks?" I complained. "Just clothes" she replied. I rolled my eyes. Clothes! Girls! Typical! She probably wouldn't need half of the stuff anyway. When I went to France last year I brought two sets of clothes and a plastic football - just the essentials!

When we got home I unleashed my dog Rascal, extracted the ball from its perch in the middle of the rosebush and took Sylvie on a guided tour of Ballincollig. We kicked through fields, over streams and in the woods. When we stopped to rest at my favourite climbing tree, Rascal and I were fighting for possession of the ball. Sylvie however immediately flopped down on the carpet of pine needles and between gasps told me she wanted to go back to the house and unpack. Girls! Townies! Typical!

When we arrived at 'chez moi', I decided to play 'Battlezone 2', the new strategy game I'd been given for my birthday. All of a sudden Sylvie ran in with a worried look on her face; "I think there has been some confusion at the airport with my bags - this is not mine" she said. I gasped in awe and excitement at the contents of the case. I yelled, "This is the latest V.R. technology! Two Futuria 9000 V.R. headsets with fully compatible gloves and ankle receptors! Wow! Two shock backpacks… Sylvie interrupted "What?" I smiled and explained, "This is expensive games software. It turns a game into virtual reality. It's like you are really there!" An expression of realization, disappointment and disgust dawned on her face "Oh! So it's just a dumb computer game". I sighed. My informative speech had been wasted on a stupid narrow-minded froggie. I rolled my eyes again. Girls! Typical!

"We must return it to the airport at once" exclaimed Sylvie. "Sure!" I replied, "just as soon as we've tried it out". I pulled on the game gear and tightened the Velcro straps. Sylvie reluctantly copied me. When we were all 'togged out' I noticed the CD labeled '". I raised my eyebrows as I slid it into the D Drive of my computer.
Installation complete, the file read:

Welcome to Drug case. This is not a game. This is reality! Your aim is to find the heroin. Maybe for your own benefit or perhaps to hand it over to the police. There is only one problem ' there are many others involved in this Internet game, all of whom have the same mission. If they find you they will kill you (in the game). You must hide or kill them first. Each of you will have a special power, for example telekinesis or fireballs. The game involves armed combat and lots of running. A successful battle will be rewarded with the solution to a clue. Solve the clues and you will locate the drugs, then simply go and collect them. Who am I? I'm just a simple man who wants to see a game with real winners. I have created this game, supplied the heroin and now I'm going to monitor your progress very closely. Enjoy. May the best man win!

I gasped. I knew where Sylvie's bag was. Some dangerous desperate drug addict had it and was probably tracing the address on the tag right now. This game gear was the key to the drugs. When he finds Sylvie's parents without the drugs he might kill them. Should we return to Toulouse?, I wondered. Nobody would believe my story, was virtual reality real ??? "Right Sylvie, pack your bags we're going to the airport". "Oh great, I really need to get my nail file out of my case," replied Sylvie. I rolled my eyes. Girls! Typical!

version 12

Episode 1 - Version 12

Fred O'Sullivan otherwise known as the Shark should never have been released. Well that's what the public and tabloids said. Fred is a notorious drug dealer. So why was he released, you may well ask? The simple fact was that there was no hardcore evidence to hold him. On his release he decided to hang low for a while and moved to Ballincollig to an estate called Misty Harbour. Having collected his money from the last big haul he decided to hide the briefcase full of money deep in the ditch in the estates green.

Stephen and Anne came across the briefcase while looking for a lost soccer ball. Anne's wayward pass to Steven had ended up in the briars. Firmly believing in the 'finders, keepers' philosophy they hauled the case back to number seven Misty Harbour. Their house was just two doors up from Fred's; they waved as they passed Fred who was lounging on a deckchair in the front lawn.

Anne and Stephen were very pleased with themselves to discover that their parents weren't back from work yet. Their luck continued, as they were relieved not to have to explain to their parents how they came upon the case. Having watched the daily series of cartoons and soaps - just the essentials like 'Buffy the Vampire' and 'Home and Away', a discussion on what to spent the money on ensued. So much money and so little shops in Cork city - what a problem! thought Anne. The "what will I buy?" crisis was soon replaced by a far more serious one.

The threatening phone calls began. These consisted of such an angry muffled voice proclaiming "I want my money back" and "You will pay". As the calls continued Anne decided she simply couldn't handle it anymore and suggested, "Let's get the hell out of here" to Stephen. Stephen queried whether this was the best course of action to take, after all where would they go? His fears were soon alleviated as Anne reminded him, "The world is our Oyster -with a case full of money". They called a taxi for Cork airport.
"Passports, tickets (get at the airport), money - oh yes a bag full of it " Anne called out as if she were checking messages from a shopping list. What adventures lay ahead? The children didn't realize that they were facing the most notorious drug dealer in the whole of Ireland, who always got what he wanted, The Shark!