The Email Stories - Episode 2


Episode 2 - Version 4

They arrived in Kilkenny train station at 11: 30a.m. They walked on to a busy street where there is a church and a street of shops. They walked over Johns Bridge and on the left as they walked over was a castle looking over the River Nore. From there they went on to High Street which is the main street in Kilkenny. It is a street full of shops and in the middle, there is the Town Hall. They went on down High Street and on to Parliament Street where the Kilkenny is. The brewery makes Smithwicks, Budweiser and Kilkenny Beer. They were getting tired and hungry so Robert suggested they go get something to eat and sit down for a rest for a while.

They saw a little restaurant on the side of the street where they went in and had a rest and something to eat. They started talking about the bag of money and where it came from. The money was in 100-pound bills and Robert said again that "It was for a ransom for a kidnapped person or payment for drugs". Then he said that by holding on to it their lives were in danger. Orla told him to calm down and not to be over reacting about it. When they were finished they headed off to their father's house. Robert and Orla came down to their father every chance they had. They loved coming down to him because they always had loads of fun with him.

They arrived at their father's house at 6: 00 p.m. Robert had two bags and their father asked what was in them and Robert said "Clothes". Then their father asked why they had so many clothes. Orla said "We are giving clothes to the poor because they were to small Robert and I". They went to bed at 11:00p.m. And got up at 9:00a.m. the next morning. Their Father was surprised to see them up so early and asked was there something wrong . Orla said"they just wanted to go into town and do some shopping. Robert came down with the bag on his back and their father asked where he was going with the bag of clothes and Robert said "that Orla and himself where going to give them to the poor. Orla and Robert decided that they did not want to have any breakfast because they were in too much of a hurry and went straight into town.

They were walking into town and when they saw a stocky man with dark clothing and black hair . They kept walking and looked back to see what the man was doing. He had stared to walk and was looking straight at them. They began to get worried so they went into a alleyway and started to run . Then the man came around the corner and as soon as he saw Robert and Orla running he began to run after them. They knew now that he knew about the money and was trying to get it off them.

As Robert was running he tripped over a piece of metal lying on the ground. He could not stand up for a minute and when he did he was not able to run. The man was getting closer so Robert and Orla hid. They had about a minute to hid because the man was very slow and could not keep up with them. They hid in different places. The man came around the corner and could not see them so he went away. When he was out of sight Robert and Orla came out and continued on down the alley and onto a street. Then they saw the man again and they ran to hide but he saw them and he started running and shouting after them.

This time the man was able to keep up with them because of Robert's injury. They ran all the way to the train station and when they got to the ticket distributor they asked for a ticket for the train that was in the station. They got on just in time and in a few seconds the train was moving and the man was waving and shouting 'stop, stop', but they went on. Then I asked a person on the train where it was going and he said Waterford.