Media Studies



The Headline



As part of the SIP011 project the area of Media Studies was identified for development. The initial plan was to use a forum on the Scoilnet site to encourage students to submit examples of good headlines.

An introductory page was prepared which gave a definition of the headline as a function of media studies. Worked examples were also provided with the introduction.

Students would be encouraged to download and read the introduction. They would then find their own examples of good headlines form the media. A template was provided to help the structuring of answers for submission to the SIP011 forum on Scoilnet. As part of the editorial policy of the forum submissions would be assessed for quality and compliance with the format shown in the template. Only answers of a suitable standard would be uploaded.

Due to technical difficulties with Scoilnet at the time, this forum did not operate. It was not possible to provide downloadable files on Scoilnet.



Click here to view introduction and template

Click here to download introduction and template



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