Email Stories



The Rationale

Students say that the most difficult task they face in their English studies is creative writing. The email story project started as an initiative to promote writing by providing the motivation of a good story line and the inspiration of working online through email.



The Method

A four part story line template was developed and supplied to students. The template blocked out the main episodes of the story without going into detail. It was up to each writer to customise the story to their own locale and experience. Each also had to add in the detail and direction of each episode.

The eight schools of the SIP 011 ICT for English project were divided into two groups of four. The plan was that one complete story would be written by the students of four schools.

In the first school thirty students would write one version each of episode one. This would produce thirty first episodes. These would be sent on the school number two where each of the thirty students in the chosen class would be given one version of episode one. Their task was to read episode on and to continue the story by writing episode two. Their episode had to follow on from the first one.

The process would be repeated through schools three and four. On completion there should have been thirty versions of the four part story.

View the story template and read some of the episodes by clicking on the buttons to the right.




Evaluation of the Email Story Project

The email story project was a success. Where it worked, it worked exceptionally well. The variety and diversity of the stories written was extraordinary. the excitement of the participating students was palpable as they read the unfolding stories.

Where it met difficulties, these usually had more to do with extraneous factors than with the project itself. Motivating the student to write is always a challenge. The email story episodes had to be written out in longhand and then typed out for forwarding as an email attachment to the next school.

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