Our Lady of Lourdes School.





Our Lady of Lourdes' prize winning garden


Our Lady of Lourdes is a co-educational school situated in the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes, Limerick. All 230 pupils are from our own community setting here. Parents are regular visitors to our school, as we have a parents' room. They help with shared reading and other school related programmes plus develop themselves through Adult Education Courses.

We have a lovely bright building, and pride ourselves in how it is maintained. Our prize winning school garden plays a very big part in the lives of our pupils. We are fortunate to have a number of Pilot Projects in our school - Breaking the Cicle, Early Start, 8 - 15 and SIP. These projects make life very interesting and beneficial for all our pupils and their parents.

Our Comenius project also plays a big part in our school life. We are linked with an inner city school in Liverpool and one in Portugal. We exchange projects and have visited one another's schools.

Our computer room is used every day by the pupils and the IT teacher on the staff. Pupils visit the computer room in groups of ten. We have a number of laptops in 5th class as part of the SIP project.

We strive to create an environment where children achieve a high standard academically, and have their many gifts developed in a caring, friendly environment.

Sr. Therese,


May 2001.

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