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Art Work

A number of joint activities were planned in the early stages of the project to encourage co-operation between the schools.The opportunities technology offer children to design and display their art work were explored. Following one of the inter-schools SIP meetings it was decided to design a Christmas card, incorporating children's artwork from each of the six schools.

Some schools submitted pictures completed with the graphics package Paint, others used scanned images of children's painting or drawings. When all the art work was collected the children from the lead school designed a Christmas card using Microsoft Publisher. The children's reaction to the finished product was extremely positive. They showed great pride in having their work included with that of children from other schools.

This is an example of a Christmas card incorporating art work from all six schools.

Christmas card

With the success of our first attempt at integrating art with technology another venture was planned - a calendar for 2001. Each school was assigned two months of the calendar year to design. Again schools were given the freedom to use whatever media they desired. When all of the pictures were collected Publisher proved a very suitable medium for putting the calendar together.

The children were delighted with the end product and were keen to acquire their own copy of the calendar. In many cases the calendars were laminated and displayed in the children's classrooms.The main benefits of these activities can be seen from comments made by teachers and pupils involved in the project.

'The children were very proud of the calendar particularly with the notion that each school involved had a copy.They were delighted when it was admired by other teachers and the principal'.

'From these activities other ideas and possibilities presented themselves.The children began to see the vast potential of the computer / printer / e-mail as a tool.'

'The calendar and the card were something which the children could use outside of school and give as presents to friends and it was different from 'normal classwork', the children were very enthusiastic'.


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