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Local History

The Bridges of King's Island.

This project was written and researched by the fifth class pupils of Saint Senan's School.

There are six bridges leading onto King's Island. Five of them are road bridges and one is for pedestrians only. The bridges cross over the River Shannon and the Abbey River. Our class took photos of them for our project and then we wrote about them. We hope you like the pictures of our area and enjoy reading about them.


Thomond Bridge

This bridge was built in 1840. It connects St. Mary's Parish with St. Munchin's Parish. There are seven arches on the bridge. The old bridge that was here was built in 1210. It was very narrow. It was there at the time of the sieges of Limerick.



Mathew Bridge

This bridge is called after Father Mathew who wanted people to give up drinking. He was a very famous person in Ireland. This bridge has three arches. It was built in 1844. Thee is no water under it now because the river is blocked because of pipe-laying. This bridge connects King's Island to the centre of the city.



Sylvester O'Halloran Bridge.

This bridge was built in the 1990s. It is only used for people to walk across. It does not have any vans or cars on it. It is called after a man who was the Irish ambassador to Australia. It is painted blue and it is made from metal. It connects the Potato Market to the old Customs House that's now the Hunt Museum.



Baal's Bridge

This bridge was built in 1831. It is called a humpback bridge because it has a rise in the middle. The bridge that was here before this one had houses and shops on it. People were afraid it would fall into the Abbey River. Baal's Bridge connects the two oldest parts of Limerick City. One part is called English town and the other is called Irish town. This is because when the English ruled in Ireland most of the Irish people did not live on King's Island. Our school is in the part that was English town.



Abbey Bridge

This bridge was only built in the last few years. It is the newest bridge in Limerick City. It is called after the Abbey fishemen who used to fish on the Abbey River. It is built near Baal's Bridge. It connects King's Island with Clare Street. This street goes out to the Dublin road.


O' Dwyer Bridge

This was built in 1831. It is called after Bishop Edward O Dwyer who was the Bishop of Limerick at the start of the 20th Century. It connects King's Island with Corbally. It is built beside Athlunkard Rowing Club. The bridge that was here before this was built in 1798.

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