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Hallowe'en Scare


Scoil An Spioraid Naoimh

David and his younger sister Sarah decided that they would go trick or treating on Halloween night. The following day they searched the house for suitable costumes for the occasion. David decided on a Dracula costume and Sarah chose to be a witch. Later that night they headed off down the long row of houses collecting sweets and other types of food along the way.


They had been walking for quite a while and Sarah was beginning to get tired. "Just one more house,'' pleaded David. Sarah reluctantly knocked on the big black door. A tall scarred man stood towering over them. He invited them in.

St Paul's

The children walked slowly into the dim, musty hallway, ducking under the dusty cobwebs. The walls were damp and the lights were flickering. Sarah turned around but the tall, scarred man had vanished into the shadows. She turned back to David and said, " I think it's time to…" Her brother had disappeared into the musty air. Sarah screamed, " David, David where are you?"

Our Lady of Lourdes.

She walked down the dim dull hallway. She quivered in fear. She saw a torch and she grabbed it. Suddenly, a crack in the wall opened. Inside, there was a big long twisting stairway. It was dark and damp and very long. She heard David screaming. She went down carefully, she heard something and then…..

St. Senan's

She turned quickly and saw her brother in the corner of the basement. His eyes were fixed on a big rat and his scream hurt her ears. The tall scarred man had his back to her and he had a knife in his hand. She grabbed her brother and they ran up the long stairs as quickly as they could. They ran out the front door of the house. Then they ran home as fast as they could. They said they would never go trick or treating again.

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