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Local History

Saint John's Hospital

Written and researched by the fifth class pupils of Saint John's Girls School.



The hospital was founded by Lady Hartstonge in 1870. At that time it had to deal with victims of both famine and cholera. In 1888 the sisters of the Little Company of Mary came to Saint John's. They have been doing great work for the past 110 years. The staff of the hospital were and are now very committed to helping the sick.

In 1905, John Leahy came to work in the hospital. He was largely responsible for the development and expansion of the hospital. The hospital is indebted to him for his huge efforts working in the hospital. Another doctor Dr Devane, worked in the area of putting patients with cholera in one section and general patients elsewhere. Until then, St. John's has been known as a Fever and General hospital. The managemant committee changed the name of the hospital.

During the period 1914-1918 St John's treated casualties from World War 1 and later from the war of Independence and the Irish Civil War.

The 1950s saw a new extension to the hospital which could accomodate 100 people. A new operating room was added as well as a laboratory and a lift.The nursing workers continue to give excellent service today under the guidance of the present matron.

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