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Local History

Lickadoon Castle

This project was written and researched by the pupils of Scoil An Spioraid Naoimh


Lickadoon Castle is located approximately 2 km from our school. This building is associated with the O'Hurley family and more particularly with Dermot O'Hurley who was appointed Archbishop of Cashel in 1581. He returned to Ireland in 1583 after an absence of 30 years.

It is likely that he was not fully aware of the serious political and military situation that awaited him. Munster and Connaught were engaged in war and were in a critical situation. Against this background Dermot O'Hurley was arrested and wrongly accused of being implicated in the Munster rebellion and other conspiracies against the government in Ireland. He was subsequently tortured and hanged on June 20th 1584.

He was totally innocent of any crime and remained loyal to his faith and his office up to the time of his death. One wall is now all that remains of the residence of this Irish martyr.

It is in the farmyard of the Noonan family who currently own the surronding land. In 1984 a plaque was unveiled in the grounds of Knockea Church to mark the 400th anniversary of the death of Dermot O'Hurley Archbishop of Cashel. A process of cannonisation is now underway.

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