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Local History

In the initial stages of the project many children in the various schools needed to become familiar with the basic word processing features of the computer. To encourage the acquisition of word processing skills in a practical way each of the six schools worked on local history projects using Microsoft word to present their findings. The projects, when completed were exchanged between the six schools via e-mail.

By engaging in the projects children learnt much valuable information about their local area together with the research skills need to carry out such work. Some schools incorporated the use of scanners and digital cameras into the project work.The projects were subsequently circulated throughout the six schools via e-mail. Each school had a comprehensive set of local history resources based on the Limerick area.This page contains links to some of these resources.

Work on the projects as one of the teachers put it 'encouraged children to realise and acknowledge the value, even the necessity of prewriting, drafting, revising and proofreading before presenting their work as a finished product'.

The Bridges of King's Island

Knockea Church

The Limerick Golf Club

Saint John's Hospital

The Wise Women of Mungret

Saint John's Cathedral

South Liberties GAA

Lickadoon Castle

Friarstown Abbey



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