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This site displays work undertaken by the six schools in a SIP project carried out over the past twelve months. Details of each school involved in the project are included.The work on this site was greatly facilitated by the full co-operation of all the teachers, principals and pupils taking part.

This web site displays work accomplished by the six schools while working co-operatively and it also includes project work produced by individual schools. For logistical reasons it can only include a sample of this work.

Comments made by teachers taking part in the project are a good indication of the impact the computers had in their classrooms.

'I have become more pro computer than I have ever been. I've learned a lot more about computers than I had known beforehand. I try to incoprorate computers into whatever I can as I can see the love the children have for them'

'The use of the laptops in the classroom has been a great incentive for my pupils to work, and even to come to school .They absolutely love using them'.

'My biggest challenge with my class is to motivate them to learn. I feel that lpatops have helped me enormously in this area. The children are always totally absorbed and learning without realising it'.

'From a sceptic I became a convert. They certainly have a place in the classroom of the twenty-first century. They are an aid to learning but a very powerful, versatile and child- friendly aid'.

Comments made by the children are equally compelling.

'I love using the laptops for project work. It is very exciting using Powerpoint and Hyperstudio'.Emma

'I like using the laptops and seeing my project work coming together after a lot of hard work'. Mark

'Laptops make school work far more interesting' Paul

The children's work speaks for itself.


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