Project Description

The aim of this SIP project was to establish the extent to which an integrative approach to the use of laptop computers across all curriculum subject areas would enhance the learning experience of primary school pupils.

By providing children with one laptop between every four pupils it was felt that the project aim could be more realistically achieved and that all pupils could be guaranteed quality of access within the classroom. The portability of the laptop was considered valuable in that it could afford the opportunity for work begun in school to be continued when necessary at home.

It was hoped that the learning experiences of the children would be greatly enhanced through the use of word processing, multimedia packages and internet use and that these tools would enable the integration of ICT across the curriculum.

It was hoped that through the findings of this project primary school teachers would be encouraged to move away from a software dependant use of the computer. Instead teachers would be encouraged to use content-free software i.e. word processing, multimedia packages and internet and e-mail thus enabling them to more fully integrate ICT into all aspects of classroom work.


Anticipated Outcomes.

The project

Through the use of the rotating story and rotating poem concepts children were enabled to see the value of inter-school communication and the effective use of email. These activities provided the children with a wider and authentic audience for their written work.

The joint art-work on the Christmas card and the calendar proved extremely popular with the pupils and it enabled them to incorporate their art work with ICT while at the same time becoming familiar with packages such as Publisher, Paint and scanning techniques.

The individual and group classroom projects undertaken by each of the schools enabled the pupils to present their findings in a highly attractive way using either Powerpoint or Hyperstudio to achieve this.

The pupils from all six schools participated very enthusiastically in all aspects of the project demonstrating a high level of interest, motivation and enthusiasm for all work undertaken.

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