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The Suir Valley and Environs

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Welcome to the Website of Carrigeen and The Suir Valley

The Suir Valley is an environmentally based school project tracing the journey of the River Suir from its source at the foot of the Silvermines to its entry to the sea at Cheekpoint on the Estuary, a journey of more than 114 kms. The Suir is Ireland's second longest river.
The reader is introduced to the traditional crafts of fishing, boat making, basketry, milling synonomous with the Suir.
South Kilkenny and Waterford are regions steeped in history from the early Viking settlements at Reginalds Tower to the Norman Invasion which was to change the course of Irish History.
Later the French Huguenots introduced the art of weaving, lace, glove making, milling and the famous "bla", traditional to Waterford.

Today Monastic settlements and fortified castles bear testimony to our rich and ancient past.


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