Deerpark Photographs

Aerial Transport of coal to Deerpark from the Rock Pit

Collection point - note the train carriage
Coal Screening Sheds Remains of loading bays
School group on tour of Deerpark - ruins of Baths in background Group passing by Ambulance Shed
The Mining Office - now a  guest house -
The Avalon Inn
Site of the Grotto - Our Lady has been moved down to a new grotto on the main road at the entrance to Deerpark
This is close to the "Rock Pit" Looking across in the distance you can see the Deerpark buildings. The aerial rope carried coal from here to the deerpark. Our school and Skehana pit are on the other side of the far hill. Picking coal from the base of what is left of Bells Heap

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Layout of Deerpark Mines

Aerial Photo of Deerpark


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