Collection of Photographs

Anvil London Patten showing face. Table, bick, heel, pritchel hole and swage hole. Phelans forge. Anvil showing chisel in pritchel hole. Variety of bits and tool to enable farmer to remove turnip pieces from a choking cows throat. More recent forge in background showing propeller bellows.

Array of tools, tongs, ball-peen hammer, pinchers, rasp, sledge, punch and knife:  Phelans forge.   Swage in swage hole. Modern welder in background. Phelans forge.

Good example of old leather bellows (un-mounted) Bellows showing leather flap hole for intake of air.
Swage block from Phelans forge Castlecomer now located in Clashduff.   Example of cartwheel made by Blacksmith- wheelwright combination. 
Location: Clohogue Castlecomer.  

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