Farm Cart

Cart Wheel

In many forges the blacksmith had a business partner called the "Wheel-wright". This man had a wide range of skills from  "coppering" to "carpentry".  He was the other half of the blacksmith’s factory and was responsible for the timber end of the work.  
    Once the metal work was completed the work-piece was his responsibility and his work consisted of the following duties:

Making cartwheels and fitting the forged rim. Tightness was achieved by fitting the rim while hot and then cooling it, causing it to contract.

Fitting handles to items such as ploughs,  shovels,  forks,  kitchen utensils,  etc.  

Making hay bogeys,  carts,  traps, etc

     Having a wheelwright as part of his business meant that most jobs could be started and finished in the blacksmiths yard and not involve moving the work-piece from yard to yard.


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