Mr. Mike Nolan
-An Old Miner- 



Michael Nolan was born in 1890 and died in 1976. He worked for some
years in Phillip's Mills and later carted coal for Isaac Wilson, Gurteen.
Having worked at Glenmullen Tunnel mine, the Vera, Skehana and the Rock coal mines, he was employed at the sinking of the Deerpark mine in 1924 and continued there until it closed down in 1969.

Michael worked mostly on the pumps at the Deerpark and often continued for three days around the clock without coming to the surface. While checking the time attendance at the end of one year the manager was heard to remark, "The only one there with the same attendance as Mick is the big pump itself"
Michael did not retire at the closure of the Deerpark in 1969 but kept on
salvaging coal from the refuse banks on the surface, which he delivered
by hand-cart. He spent his days rooting for lumps of coal on Bells Heap and earning a living from the sale of the coal.

It is interesting to note that even in the year 2001 Michaels grand sons are continuing that tradition. When the earth in the opencast is turned over for fire clay the grandsons can be seen picking lumps of coal from the upturned earth.

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