Tracing the track

1. We started our journey at Dysart Bridge 2. It was not easy to build a bridge across a River
3. Railway (gatekeepers) house just outside the town 4. The Train passes up along the Kilkenny Road, behind Seamus Farrells' house and on up behind the Church. Note the Water tank centre left
5. Here it crosses Barrack St. at Quinns' house. 6.Barrack St. The horse is just approaching the crossing. Click For a larger photo
7. Heading on now behind Chatsworth St. for the Clohogue Bridge.
8. At he end of Chatsworth St. the Train crosses the river and the street and heads for the Prince. 9. Passing the "Prince" the train is now heading out by the "Sandy Banks"
10. On the last leg of it's journey the little Train puffs away past the "nut wood" as it approaches Deerpark

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